• 25W4M/LC-MS - Upload files1
  • 27W4M/LC-MS - Pre-Processing2
  • 29W4M/LC-MS - Processing3
  • 55W4M/LC-MS - Statistical Analysis4
  • 31W4M/LC-MS - Annotation5

W4M/LC-MS - Pre-Processing

Liquid chromatography
Mass spectrometry
Ions extraction

How to extract relevant mass spectrometry features from the different raw acquisition files ?

At the end of the course, you will understand :

  • the different extraction steps
  • how the parameters impact the resulting matrix



  • Knowledge in liquid chromatograhy and mass spectrometry.
  • You know what is the retention time.
  • You know what is the ratio mass upon charge
  • Presentation of xcms software
  • What type of data are available in the LCMS files.
  • How is build an extract ion chromatogram.
  • First step : parallel extraction of ions in the different files
  • Grouping step : alignment among all files
  • Retention time correction step
  • Replacing missing data, fillpeaks step.
  • datamatrix creation step with CAMERA annotation

Summary of the key parameters defined at the differents extraction steps.

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