• 25W4M/LC-MS - Upload files1
  • 27W4M/LC-MS - Pre-Processing2
  • 29W4M/LC-MS - Processing3
  • 55W4M/LC-MS - Statistical Analysis4
  • 31W4M/LC-MS - Annotation5

W4M/LC-MS - Annotation

Mass spectrum
Annotation level

What about about mass spectrum interpretation (adduct, fragments, ionisation process) ?

At the end of the course, you will be able to :

  • Underline the differents steps towards annotation
  • Find usefull information in xcms/Camera outputs
  • Search spectrum or compound database
  • Filter results on scores

Knowledge about mass spectrum interpretation (adduct, fragments, ionisation process).

  • Preceding course section enabled you to have at your disposal a filtered list of ions and some might be the searched biomarkers of your study
  • What you may want now is to annotate/identify those compounds
  • So, what should you do to annotate/identify those compounds ?
  • This course section will show you how to exploit the variable Metadata and other available information.
  • The annotation challenge
  • From mass spectra to elemental formula
  • Using compounds databases
  • Annotation is still one of the main challenge in metabolomics 
  • Remember that definitive identification of compounds (level 1) can not be reached without pure standard injections
  • Once you have identified, your annotaion/identification can be used in pathway analysis tools like Metexplore !
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